Indonesian Palm and Moringa Leaves Exported to South Korea

The relations between South Korea and Indonesia are increasingly good, especially in trade as a result of a joint declaration of Indonesia-Korea Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement/ IK CEPA). The agreement resulted in a significant increase of import export activities. The Ministry of Trade also holds a trade mission in South Korea led by Minister of … Read more

Taiwan’s Kaohsiung City Eyes Maluku’s Tuna and Squid

Kaohsiung City in Taiwan is interested in the fishery potential of Maluku Province, specifically in tuna and squid commodities. “They are very interested in Maluku, as they know that we are very famous in the world with huge fishery potential, especially for tuna and squid,” said Maluku Governor, Murad Ismail, during his visit to Taiwan … Read more

Porang Tuber, Formerly Disposed Now Moneymaker

Porang tuber is currently at its popularity height as it has proven to successfully make the farmers in Kepel Village, East Java, to be billionaires after Porang have been successfully exported. The tubers included in Amorphophallus muelleri species are also commonly called iles-iles. Aside from having a monetary value, it also has many other benefits, … Read more

Indonesian Nutmeg Exports Restore the Glory of the Indonesian Archipelago

Nutmeg is one of the Indonesian spices originated from Maluku which has been cultivated for generations in the people’s plantations in Maluku Islands. Indonesian nutmeg has a high value in the global market as it has a peculiar aroma and high oil yield. Countries that are the main destinations for Indonesian nutmeg exports are Vietnam, … Read more

Reviving a culture locally and spreading the love globally: The story of Suwe Ora Jamu

In a growing health minded and fitspo era, it wouldn’t seem odd or unheard of to boost your beverages with turmeric or tamarind. Nowadays, many hip coffee shops offer a turmeric latte or tamarind lemon tonic.  In Indonesia however, the use of tamarind, ginger, and turmeric in drinks has been part of the culture for generations. Indonesians get their shot of jamu every day, the way Italians get their shot of espresso while standing against a counter.

 Jamu is made of plants and spices such as ginger, turmeric, cloves, fennel, celery, and tamarind. Indonesians drink it daily to maintain health and to prevent diseases. Jamu is often prepared traditionally at a street stall or by ladies who walk the streets with baskets attached to their bodies that are filled with spices and mixtures. Nova Dewi Setiabudi was introduced to jamu at a young age by her late grandmother. When she moved to Jakarta early 2011 she had a hard time finding fresh tasting jamu like she had at home. And whilst many people still drank their jamu, she noticed how the younger generation of Indonesians have become less interested in the goodness of jamu.

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