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Actor Matt Damon Pays Visit to Jakarta for

Hollywood actor Matt Damon arrived in Jakarta yesterday on Tuesday, July 3, to pay visit to the Mitra Dhuafa Cooperative to manage a joint project on sanitation with the Hollywood actor’s organization,

The cooperative’s Facebook photo update showed Matt Damon smiling and wearing a simple dark polo shirt posing with several of the cooperative’s members.

The joint project between Mitra Dhuafa and mainly focuses on sanitation issues for countries that face the lack of clean water and general sanitation issues.

“The success of the Water Credit program based on the partnership between the Mitra Dhuafa (KOMIDA) Cooperative and drove Matt Damon to visit country members that take the KOMIDA sanitation financing. The team paid a brief visit to KOMIDA’s central headquarters in Central Jakarta,” as stated by Mitra Dhuafa’s Facebook account.

According to the cooperative, Matt Damon will not stay in Jakarta for a long period of time considering his tight schedule on visiting other places related to the Water Credit program.


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