Alibaba Introduces AI Copywriter

Chinese e-commerce group Alibaba has announced the release of a new copywriting tool powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

The copywriter is said to have passed the Turing Test and has the capability of writing 20,000 lines of copy in one second.

“For merchants, from today onward, AI can take care of a portion of their copywriting needs. And it significantly changes the way [copywriters] work: They will shift from thinking up copy—one line at a time—to choosing the best out of many machine-generated options, largely improving efficiency,” said Alimama, the company’s digital marketing division, in a statement.

Boasting the ability to learn from the already-written content of Alibaba’s e-commerce sites Tmall and Taobao, the tool has millions of existing samples to help generate copy for products and uses deep learning and natural language-processing technologies to learn and improve upon them.

“All the content produced by the AI Copywriter is the result of applying deep learning models, trained with large volumes of quality content created by humans,” continued Christina Lu, general manager of Alimama marketing. “Human creativity is the cornerstone for the machine, which isn’t able to replace the creativity of people. AI for marketing […] allows people to devote more energy to richly creative work.”

Brands who have used the new tool, such as clothing company Esprit and US brand Dickies, are said to have been able to adjust the length and tone of their copy by notifying the AI and dictating whether they want its words to be “promotional, functional, fun, poetic or heartwarming.” (sul/kes)

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