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Museum presents Indonesian folktales through cold wax batik technique

Paintings created using the cold wax batik technique, also known as the gutha tamarin (tamarind seed powder mixed with water and butter) technique, are currently on display at the Basoeki Abdullah Museum in South Jakarta until Aug. 4.

Initiated by women’s art educator community Komunitas 22 Ibu, the exhibition has taken “Drama, Myths and Spiritual” as its theme, which serves as a category of realism maestro Basoeki Abdullah’s works.

“This event aims to introduce the cold wax batik technique to the public, as well as respect the works of one of Indonesian’s greatest painting maestros,” said the exhibition’s committee chairman, Ayoeningsih Dyah Woelandhary, in a statement.

Created by 44 members of the community who hail from Jakarta and Bandung, West Java, the batik artworks are based on 10 folktales.

“Hopefully, this type of exhibition will grow, not only to be appreciated but also educate the public, particularly on eco-friendly batik,” added Ayoeningsih. (kes)

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