Three stunning customary villages in Jerebu’u Valley, Flores

Flores, dubbed Indonesia’s “Next Big Thing”, has been attracting a staggering number of tourists in search of the concealed beaches, coffee plantations and other hidden gems. The best part about Flores, however, is its exotic culture that remains preserved and its inhabitants who have been living in traditional villages, untouched by modernization. has compiled a list of the top three traditional villages to experience while in Flores:

Many tourists visiting Labuan Bajo continue on to Bena customary village. Although it takes an eight-hour drive, the long journey is worth the effort to experience the traditional houses, local culture and beautiful mountains. While you are there, don’t forget to grab some coffee! Planted on a hilltop near Mount Inerie, the cold climate produces top-notch Bajawa coffee.

Tololela customary village is famed for its traditional wind instrument, the bombardom, usually played during a performance of music inherited from the locals’ ancestors. Oftentimes, people from the neighboring villages pay a visit to watch the bombardom performance.

To reach the customary village of Gurusina, visitors need to trek. But the effort is worth it as visitors are greeted by rows of megalithic stones standing at the center of the village.

Unfortunately, the village burned down on Monday, Aug. 13, destroying 27 traditional houses with valuable heirlooms left inside, and leaving only six houses. (saz/mut)



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