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Millennials like to shop for viral products: E-commerce company

Millennials, which make up a large portion of the country’s e-commerce market, have a tendency to shop for viral products, the brand manager of an e-commerce company has said.

Shopee country brand manager Rezki Yanuar told that millennials ranked second after the 25 to 35-year-old age group as the e-commerce platform’s top consumers.

“At Shopee, our biggest market is still the [25 to 35-year-old] segment. However, the fastest-growing [market] behind it is the millennial group,” Rezki said during an event in Jakarta on Thursday.

According to Shopee, millennial Shopee shoppers like to shop for items that are currently popular, resulting in an increase in search traffic when a product goes viral on the internet; this suggests that the millennials know what they prefer prior to accessing a website.

“If there’s a new smartphone or sneakers that went viral, they will look for them,” said Rezki.

Millennials are both price conscious and show a tendency to make impulse buys. So if the price of the product they want is on sale, they will immediately buy it, according to Rezki.

Rezki also said that this segment of customers was loyal to the e-commerce platform of their preference, making the shopping experience a quick one, “especially if the items they want are on flash sale.” (kes)


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