Sukowati field production reaches 120% of target

PT Pertamina EP, a subsidiary of state-owned oil and gas holding company Pertamina, has said that up to August, Asset 4 in the Sukowati field had produced 16,385 barrels of oil per day (bopd) or 120 percent of the production target of 14,032 bopd.

“The contribution of Asset 4 from the Sukowati field increased as a result of the operation of the SKW-27 Well,” said Pertamina EP Asset 4 general manager Agus Amperianto in a press release received by The Jakarta Post over the weekend.

In addition to the production from the Sukowati field, a significant contribution would also come from the Salawati field (six repaired wells), Papua field (Linda-Sele integration plan), Poleng field (reactivation plan of six wells), Cepu field and Donggi/Mantindok field.

“The production increase of Pertamina’s subsidiary reflects the commitment to the intensification program of working areas entrusted in it by the government,” Agus said, adding that the company had applied innovative technology through the use of controllable financial sources.

Agus said within the last 10 years, Pertamina EP had managed to increase its production in order to help meet the increasing demand for oil and gas in the country.

He added that the operation of the company had also supported economic growth in the regions in which Pertamina EP operated the oil and gas fields.

“Apart from producing energy, we are also committed to growing together with the people in surrounding areas through sustainable people empowerment programs so that the company contributes to both the environment and the people,” Agus added. (bbn)

The Jakarta Post


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