202 Booth ‘Enliven’ ICRA 2018 Handicraft Exhibition

Exhibition of craft products and interior products by Indonesian craftsmen, Interior & Craft (ICRA) were held again for the 18th time in Jakarta.

Occupying the Lobby Hall A Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), the ICRA 2018 exhibition was attended by 202 booths featuring various creative products ranging from home decoration, wastra adati such as batik, tenun, and songket.

There are also various handicrafts made of wood, woven, metal, gold, silver, stone, ceramic, and traditional ethnic-based to modern pottery.

“The ICRA exhibition has been going on since 2001. This exhibition is a market test place for national creators and craftsmen to interact with markets and consumers at home and abroad,” said Titiek Djoko Sumaryono, Chair of the ICRA 2018 Organizing Committee in his opening remarks at JCC, Jakarta , Wednesday (12/09/2018).

Titiek Djoko Sumaryono, Chair of the ICRA 2018 Organizing Committee when giving a speech at the 18th ICRA opening ceremony at the JCC, Jakarta, Wednesday (12/09/2018).

The superiority of culture-based creative economic products, she said, inherited history so that it had high competitiveness if it was packaged in a good way. “This is the right vehicle to meet the tastes of quality Indonesian craft lovers, because here the designers and craftsmen continue to innovate presenting creative works to meet people’s tastes,” continued Titiek.

Carrying the theme “From the Archipelago’s Local Wisdom to the Global Market Trend”, Titiek hopes that Indonesian handicrafts can become more global and specifically loved, and used by domestic communities. “Traditional crafts have been introduced by ancestors so we must use and preserve, in this case not only produced, but also must be used and used on various occasions,” said Titiek.

The ICRA 2018 exhibition was inaugurated by the Marketing Deputy of Bekraf, Joshua Simanjuntak symbolically beating the musical instrument Wakaido, a kind of traditional Japanese drum. The inauguration program was also enlivened by Wakaido performances by Japanese students who managed to entertain the visitors. (bas)



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