Prungg, Creative Products from Burlap Sacks

A group of nature-loving students from Majalengka gathered in Margasophana University of Education in Indonesia (UPI) Bandung managed to turn burlap sack waste into creative works that have a selling value.

They are Edi Hidayat, Rai, Bani, Ujan, and Teple which convert burlap sack waste into shoes, sandals, to bags with contemporary artistic designs. Their creative products are then named Prunng, an acronym for gunny sacks.

“Prungg in Sundanese also means let’s do it. In Sunda there is a saying “Come on, come on, come on, but keep quiet” well through this Prungg we try not only ‘come on’ but also do it, “Rai said when met at the ICRA 2018 exhibition, in Jakarta, Thursday (13/9/2018).

Prungg is one of the 25 creative products selected by Bekraf who participated in enlivening the Interior & Craft (ICRA) 2018 exhibition at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) on 12-16 September 2018.

“We didn’t expect Prungg to be chosen as one of the 25 Bekraf selected craftsmen. Even though the registrants reached hundreds, moreover Prungg himself was still new in the creative industry, “said Rai. Besides Prungg, there are also 201 other booths that enliven the ICRA 2018 exhibition.

Change the burlap sack waste to be useful

Prungg shoes made of gunny sacks. (Photo of Baskoro Dien)

The idea of converting burlap sack waste into this valuable item came when Rai and his friends traveled to Sukabumi to go along the coast. During the trip they met Abah Iwan, a resident who used gunny sacks as his clothes.

“All of the clothes, from vests to jackets, are made from gunny sacks. At that time we were interested and tried to ask questions. After the meeting we returned to Bandung and immediately applied the knowledge gained by trying to make bags and slippers from gunny sacks, “said Rai.

Until now Rai claimed that he had not found any difficulties, because the basic ingredients of burlap sacks were obtained from the chocolate factory, coffee factory, or soybean factory in Bandung. While the design of their products is made by themselves.

They claimed to be able to make 30 shoes and 150 sandals in a month. All the processors use special machines to make sandals, shoes and bags.

Prices offered by Prungg are also quite competitive. For shoes priced starting from IDR 275 thousand to IDR 385 thousand, sandals average IDR 150 thousand, while bags are priced starting IDR 125 thousand to IDR 385 thousand.

Currently the biggest buyers of Prungg products are in West Java, especially Bandung, Majalengka, and Tasikmalaya. Nevertheless they have also served buyers from outside Java. “Each month there must be orders, we lack a month can profit Rp 4 million. If the exhibition is fortunately able to rise about 5 percent, “said Rai.

According to Rai, the key to success for starting a business is to be simple and not too complicated. Another important thing is to try to think to utilize the waste into items of value. (bas)



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