The wealth of Indonesian handicrafts at ICRA 2018

Exhibition of craft products and interior products by Indonesian craftsmen, Interior & Craft (ICRA) were held again for the 18th time in Jakarta.

Located at the Lobby Hall A Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), the ICRA 2018 exhibition was attended by 202 booths featuring various creative products ranging from home decoration, wastra adati such as batik, weaving and songket.

Visitors can find various Nusantara fabrics, ranging from batik, songket, to weaving at the ICRA 2018 Exhibition. (Photo: Indonesia @ ccess)

There are also various handicrafts made of wood, woven, metal, gold, silver, stone, ceramic, and traditional ethnic-based to modern pottery.

“The ICRA exhibition has been held since 2001. This exhibition is a market test place for national creators and craftsmen to interact with markets and consumers at home and abroad,” said Titiek Djoko Sumaryono, Chair of the ICRA 2018 Organizing Committee in his opening address at JCC, Jakarta , Wednesday (12/09/2018), as reported by

Wooden products on display at ICRA 2018 Exhibition. (Photo: Indonesia @ ccess)

The value of cultural-based creative economy products, she said, inherited history so that it had high competitiveness if it was packaged in a good way.

“This is the right place to meet the tastes of quality Indonesian craft lovers, because here the designers and craftsmen continue to innovate presenting creative works to meet the tastes of the people,” continued Titiek.

Carrying the theme “From the Archipelago’s Local Wisdom to the Global Market Trend”, Titiek hopes that Indonesian handicrafts can become more global and specifically loved, and used by domestic communities.

“Traditional crafts have been introduced by ancestors so we must use and preserve, in this case not only produced, but also must be used and used on various occasions,” said Titiek.

Batik Esti Collection is one of the SMEs participating in the ICRA 2018 exhibition. (Photo: Indonesia @ ccess)

The ICRA 2018 exhibition was inaugurated by the Marketing Deputy of Bekraf, Joshua Simanjuntak symbolically beating the musical instrument Wakaido, a kind of traditional Japanese drum.

“The wealth of our culture-based crafts can be seen from the types of fabric motifs, ranging from batik, weaving, to songket. Not to mention the various handicrafts made from wood, metal and stone. The challenge in the future is how we package the source of inspiration into global market consumption, “said Joshua.

Taking an example from the art of Shibori, Japanese cloth dye art which participated in the exhibition at ICRA 2018, Joshua said Indonesian craftsmen could model Japanese artists who could market their cultural products to foreign countries.

“So in the future, a craft exhibition like ICRA is not only used as a shopping party, but also a reference to the ‘buyers’ from various countries,” said Joshua.

Batik Candi Luhur adalah salah satu UMKM yang ikut memeriahkan pameran ICRA 2018. (Foto: Indonesia@ccess)

In addition to displaying Shibori, the Japanese delegation also presented the art of Wakaido, a Japanese drumming performance. Once again Johsua reminded that Indonesian artists could learn from Japan how to package tradition, for example, drum games for a global scale.

Bekraf also enlivened this exhibition by filling out 36 stands filled by 25 selected craftsmen. The handicraft products displayed are the result of the curation of the Bekraf team based on culture with current market touches.

“Usually craftsmen make only one model, for example identical weaving as a cloth or sarong. Now we create it with the present concept so that the craft can be used daily, for example to become a contemporary interior, “Joshua said.

Chairman for Permanent Committee Regional Investment Development, Chambers of commerce and industry Indonesia (KADIN) Reza Maspaitella (left) also attended ICRA 2018 Exhibition and visited booth Indonesia@ccess. (Photo: Indonesia@ccess)

Also supporting the development of crafts with contemporary concepts, Gerai @ ccess and Indonesia @ ccess from Valdo Digital Lab also opened the booth at the ICRA 2018 exhibition.

Gerai@cces is an application for community empowerment for entrepreneurship that provides trade and service services. While Indonesia@ccess is a digital service platform for empowering the people’s economy and promoting Indonesia to foreign countries in the fields of trade, tourism and investment. (bas)


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