Barapan Kebo, a Racing Tradition with Buffalo in Sumbawa

An exciting atmosphere was created on the first day of the Festival Pesona Moyo 2018. The trigger was the Barapan Kebo event. This race with the buffalo is the most popular. The Pacu Sumir Payung trajectory, in Karang Dima Sumbawa Village, is full of visitors.

The tourists were immediately directed to the track because they did not want to miss every moment. They were not even bothered by the intense heat on Sumbawa.

When the jockeys and the buffalo in action, the applause of the audience immediately thundered. The audience’s support can burn the spirit of the jockeys. They appear more confident. The atmosphere is more festive when the jockey is able to reach the finish and touch Saka.

“This is just cool, popular, patent. This festival deserves to be part of the 100 Wonderful Events 2018. The presentation is unique and classy,” Tourism Minister Arief Yahya said in a press release received by on Tuesday (9/18/2018) .

This fast race with buffalo is most awaited by tourists. (Photo: Kemenpar)

“The culture is increasingly preserved, the more prosperous it is. The opening of the Pesona Moyo Festival is one of the proofs. Where the unique tradition of Barapan Kebo can become an attractive tourist attraction for tourists,” said Menpar Arief Yahya.

This attraction is also able to attract the attention of dozens of yachter participants in Sail Moyo Tambora. In fact, they did not hesitate to enter the fields and muddy for a moment at Barapan Kebo. A number of yachter even tried to become jockeys.

“It’s amazing. A moment that can’t be forgotten. Excited, adrenaline pumped up. It’s fun. I want to try it again,” said Max, an Australian yachter who became Barapan Kebo’s jockey.

According to Max Barapan Kebo is a unique tradition. “I will definitely tell the world, so that everyone knows if Sumbawa is cool, the tradition is unique. The main thing is that tourists must come and enjoy Sumbawa,” he said.

The Pacu Sumir Payung trajectory, in Karang Dima Sumbawa Village, became the venue for Barapan Kebo. (Photo: Kemenpar)

Previously, the 2018 Pesona Moyo Festival was opened by the Deputy Regent of Sumbawa Mahmud Abdullah, on Saturday, September 15, 2018. Besides Barapan Kebo, the festival was also enlivened by other events, ranging from coastal carnivals, traditional art shows such as sakeco, saketa, and bagero.

There are also traditional horse races, Moyo Island natural attractions, Melala Satu Muharam rituals, sampan races, corn parties, 1000 denek chains, and other events, until closing on September 23, 2018. (rls/bas)


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