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Thousands of Azerbaijani People Enjoy Indonesian Culture

The Indonesian Cultural Festival (ICF) held by the Indonesian Embassy in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, on September 13-16, 2018 managed to attract thousands of local people.

The Azerbaijan Ambassador, Husnan Bey Fananie in his embassy statement said that the typical Indonesian music was in great demand by the Azerbaijani people. They sang and danced with the artists at the closing of the ICF which was held at the Founten Squere field in Baku City.

“The 2018 ICF event is highly expected by the Azerbaijani people. They want to know about Indonesia. Alhamdulillah, there are hundreds of thousands of Azerbaijan people in the Squere Fountains who are very concerned about Indonesia, “Husnan said, as quoted by, Tuesday (09/18/2018).

One visitor from the local city, Heygun said, Indonesian songs performed by artists were very interesting. “I have heard Indonesian songs from the internet. But tonight I heard and saw firsthand that these songs were played by musicians from Indonesia, “said Heygun.

Musicians who enlivened the cultural performances this time were: Dwiki Darmawan, Ita Purnamasari, Amelia Ong, and the gambus music group.

The 2018 ICF was also enlivened by several Indonesian Ministries, including: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education and Culture, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Youth and Sports, and Ministry of Religion. (bas)


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