Camping Ceria, A New Way to Enjoy Sunday Night at the Pasar Kakilangit in Yogyakarta

The tourist destinations of the Pasar Kakilangit in Mangunan, Yogyakarta have a camping agenda every Sunday night, called “Camping Ceria”. Here tourists can enjoy the beauty of nature while accompanied by a bonfire and a glass of coffee or ginger.

Camping equipment has been prepared by the Pasar Kakilangit, ranging from tents, bonfires, and other necessities.

“So just bring your personal equipment and supplies. But don’t forget to maintain cleanliness. Feeding and drinking waste is dumped in the trash, “said Coordinator of the Indonesian Charm Generation (GenPI), Yogyakarta, Nunung Elizabeth.

In addition, tourists can also hunt for the unique cuisine of the Pasar Kakilangit, such as sego buntil, bledak, porridge, mi des, soto, lotek, lethek goreng noodles, brongkos, etc. All dishes served are concoctions from the community around the Pasar Kakilangit.

“In the morning, tourists will be served with an appetizing breakfast menu. All guaranteed delicious and not expensive,” she said.

To enjoy the excitement, visitors are charged Rp40,000 per tent. Each tent can accommodate up to four participants. (bas)

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