Chinese Investors Review Maluku to Invest

Chinese investors from various international scale companies are looking back at Maluku to invest. The desire of the group of businessmen from China was delivered during a visit and met directly with the Maluku Governor Said Assagaff at the Maluku Governor’s Office on Monday (08/10/2018).

The Indonesian Ambassador of China, Djauhari Oratmangun himself accompanied the group of investors who wanted to explore cooperation with the Maluku Provincial Government (Pemprov). Some questions were asked by groups such as Andrew Zheng (Zheng Lie-Lie) from Shenzhen Foontain Corporation, Chen Jie from TBEA Xin Jiang and Andrew Zheng (Zheng Zhi Qiang) PT Nusa Ina Gempita-Jakarta, ranging from the investment climate to the most potential potential in Maluku.

In his presentation, Governor Assagaff mentioned the potential of fish in the Maluku Sea. “We have 4 million tons of fish and their potential in the Banda, Arafura and Seram seas. Until now, 600 thousand tons have been explored or captured, “said Assagaff.

To support the development of the fishing industry, Maluku also has supporting infrastructure in the form of fishery ports. “There are 12 fishing ports that can later be managed. There are also some of these ports that are not yet active. And in the future there will also be the development of the largest fishing industry in Dobo and on the island of Ambon in Waai, “he explained.

The governor said, related to exports including fish exports, since January, the management of export documents has been issued in Ambon. “If previously, the processing of documents was issued in Bali, East Java and Jakarta, now no longer. And every day, by using Garuda’s cargo services every morning, we can send fresh fish 3 to 4 tons to Jakarta, Tokyo, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia, “said Assagaff.

In the future, the opening of the flight route, through the Indonesian Ambassador in Japan, has confirmed that there will be flights from Hokaido to Ambon. “For that, I hope, the Chinese market can also take a quite big role, because we know, now from China to Manado there are now direct flights. This will certainly be easier, from Manado to Ambon, we can already send fresh fish to China, “he said.

In addition to fisheries, the governor also presents superior traditional commodities in the world market, such as cloves, nutmeg and coconut. “Now, this has begun to be marketed for coconut water as a basic ingredient in mineral water. We here have an area of ​​114 thousand hectares of coconut plantations, with coconut production of around 113 thousand tons, “he added.

Likewise with the potential of nutmeg, where in China many are used for herbal medicine. “We have planted at WNB up to 1 million tillers and now it has started production,” said Assagaff. As for tourism potential, said Assagaff, Maluku has the potential for marine, natural and historical tourism. “On Buru Island, for example, there is Lake Rana. Seram Island, Banda and Pasir Panjang Island located in Kei, Southeast Maluku Regency. For the Southeast Maluku Regency there is a airport and we are also trying to open the flight route with the Darwin-Ambon route.

Banda Island also has an airport, and now we have also planned the development of airport infrastructure, “he explained. Other potentials, said Assagaff, raw materials for processing cement on Buru Island and SBT. “This survey can also be done because the potential is also large enough for the future to be able to develop cement factories there,” he said.

In connection with a number of investors who have the heart to take part in Maluku, Assagaff also said that in the near future the Maluku Provincial Government would receive the Turkish Ambassador. “And on November 15, the Ambassador of New Zealand will also come along with several entrepreneurs to Maluku in relation to the renewable energy sector,” he said.

The governor hopes that the more glance, the Maluku economy will continue to develop better. “Of course we hope that later there will be a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) or good steps forward in the framework of future economic development in Maluku,” he concluded (UAD)

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