President: human development is the government’s focus in 2019

President Joko Widodo has a shared vision with what Melinda Gates has done in her capacity as the Co-Chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

“I am pleased to know that there is a common vision between what the Indonesian government wants to achieve and what the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation wants to achieve. Especially in the field of human development and inclusive economic growth,” said the President when meeting Melinda Gates in Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center, Friday October 12 2018.

The President said, human development is the focus of the government’s program in 2019. He sees this as a necessity because the most valuable resource is man himself. “Indonesian human development starts from the womb, making sure the mother and baby are well nourished and free from stunting,” he said.

Through the Family Hope Program, the government strives to make this happen by providing social assistance whose number of recipients is increased from 6 million recipients in 2017 to 10 million recipients in 2018.

“Then when Indonesian children have entered school age, the government wants all Indonesian children to go to school without having to be constrained by cost constraints. For this there is a social assistance program in the form of a Smart Indonesia Card,” he continued.

As for the inclusive economy, the Head of State considers one of the important keys to realizing it is financial inclusion. The potential for financial inclusion in Indonesia itself is very large. With 60 million Indonesians using mobile phones, they are ready to enter the modern financial services network.

Therefore, the Head of State looks forward to the form of cooperation between the government and the Gates Foundation in the future to jointly realize the common vision that already exists.

“We welcome the strengthening of cooperation between Indonesia and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in the present and the future. Whether it is the field of human development, the field of financial inclusiveness, and other fields that we share in our vision and values,” he said.

Source: BPMI

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