Telkom Indonesia Develops Cellular Network Infrastructure

State-owned telecommunications company Telkom Indonesia is set to allocate half of its capital expenditure next year to developing cellular network infrastructure, while the remaining will be allocated to develop fixed broadband infrastructure.

“In the cellular segment, Telkom will focus on the development of 4G BTS [base transceiver station] in order to improve the range, quality and capability of Telkom’s network,” Telkom vice president of corporate communications Arif Prabowo said as quoted by

He went on to say that the funds needed to develop Telkom’s infrastructure would be sourced internally.

“If needed, we will seek external sources of funding,” Arif said. He explained that developing the company’s network infrastructure was crucial to providing a positive user experience to its customers.

“We will expand to regions with a high demand for data services, both inside and outside Java,” Arif said.

Telkom, he said, was seeking to expand and improve the services of IndiHome, the company’s internet service unit.

“As of the end of June, IndiHome serves 4.1 million subscribers and we are aiming to have 5 million by the end of 2018. IndiHome’s infrastructure expansion will also be carried out inside and outside Java, and at the moment, there are more [expansion projects] outside Java,” Arif said.

The Jakarta Post

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