Garuda-Palni launches collaborative cargo

Flag carrier Garuda Indonesia and state-owned ship operator PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia (Pelni)  launched on Wednesday their collaborative cargo business as part of their effort to expand their cargo distribution networks.

Garuda Indonesia cargo and business development director Muhammad Iqbal said under the collaboration, Garuda Indonesia cargo and Pelni logistics would offer more efficient cargo service by interconnecting air and sea cargo services.

“In the global cargo business, we know there is a sea-air cargo, of which sea cargo is connected to air cargo, and this concept is what we want to offer to our customers. This is very suitable for archipelagic country like Indonesia,” he said.

With sea-air cargo, shipment of goods or export commodities such as fish from remote areas to big cities or to other countries, could be faster, Iqbal said, adding that with the new service the process of cargo shipment should be accelerated.

Meanwhile, Pelni cargo and sea toll director Harry Boediarto said the sea-air cargo could potentially decrease the logistics cost by around 30 percent.

“In the past, logistics delivery from one place to the other involved multiplayer operators. Therefore, customers had to pay more. Now, our collaborative service offers time and cost efficiency,” he added.

The collaboration was marked by the kickoff of the operation of Garuda Indonesia-Pelni cargo outlet in North Jakarta on Wednesday.

Currently, Garuda Indonesia serves cargo air in 60 airports. Garuda is eyeing 11 percent growth this year, while Pelni is eyeing 10 percent business growth. (bbn)

The Jakarta Post

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