Banyuwangi’s economy is growing rapidly due to tourism

The choice of Banyuwangi Regency makes tourism as a leading sector very appropriate. This is because the economy of the regency in East Java is increasingly accelerating. Its growth is at the level of 5.6%.

This growth is superior to the national economic growth of 0.53% and 0.15% superior from East Java.

“The Banyuwangi tourism report card is currently very positive. And this is the result of the joint work of all elements in Banyuwangi. In recent years, we have been very focused on encouraging the tourism sector. The positive results obtained are also extraordinary, “said Banyuwangi Regent Abdullah Azwar Anas, Sunday (21/10).

The stronger tourism sector makes Banyuwangi truly change. Open unemployment is an example. The number of open unemployment fell by 50%. The unemployment rate is at 3.07%. In fact, stretching from 2010, the open unemployment rate is still at 6%. How is poverty? This problem is at 8.64%, even though 8 years ago 20.09%.

“We really benefit from this. There are many problems that are resolved. What we are trying to do can bring great benefits to the community. We are serious about building this tourism, because the long-term potential will be even better, “Anas said.

Positive notes continue. Banyuwangi’s Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) rose 115.4% or at IDR 69.9 Trillion. The increase was also experienced by his per capita income. The figure is IDR 43.65 Million in 2018, even though 2010 was still IDR 20.8 Million. “From tourism it can attract other sectors to advance. Because, the key is still the global movement, “he said again.

Being a trigger for economic growth, the movement of tourists belonging to Banyuwangi is high. The number of foreign tourists entering 691% and at the level of 98,970 people. In fact, in 2010 there were only 12,500 people. Domestic tourists grew by 10.639% or 4.83 million people in 2018. The air line grew by 4,144% and was 332,550 people. In fact, 2010 passenger numbers were in 7,835 people.

The high number of tourist visits is certainly a blessing. Because, these tourists spend their money to enjoy various facilities in Banyuwangi. On average, foreign tourists have the ability to spend up to IDR 2.7 million per trip. While Wisnus spent an average of around Rp1,543 million. Spending of these tourists also presents a turnover of around Rp.7.7 Trillion per year.

“The current velocity of money in Banyuwangi is very promising. Again, enjoying the results directly is the community. This Banyuwangi can be used as a model for building ideal tourism. They managed to overcome various problems that had arisen before, “explained the Acting Deputy of Marketing Development I of the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism, Ni Wayan Giri Adnyani.

Growing with great posture, tourism has become the largest contributor to GRDP in the past three years. Average tourism contributes 10.3%.

In 2016, tourism’s contribution to GRDP was 9.5% from IDR 66.3 trillion. Fantastic figures of 11.07% from IDR 60.18 trillion were booked in 2015. This percentage has become the largest donor of tourism in the past 6 years.

“If tourism is advanced, all will automatically follow. The portion of its contribution to the region will also be positive, “said Giri Adnyani.

PAD amounting to IDR 37 billion is the target of The Sun Rise of Java in 2018. This figure is up IDR 15 billion from the previous year which amounted to IDR 22 billion. This optimism cannot be separated from the potential of 89 hotels, 9 star hotels (3 and 4), 485 homestays, and 750 restaurants. Banyuwangi also has 58 tourist destinations plus 68 travel agents.

“The target is clearly owned by Banyuwangi every year. Because, everything is very supportive. What they have been trying to do now gives very good feedback, “he concluded. (rls/bas)

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