Jokowi: Infrastructure programs provide employment opportunities for construction workers

A large program of equitable infrastructure development in the country provides employment opportunities for construction workers. The program does not work well without the support of Indonesian construction workers.

However, behind this opportunity, there was also a big responsibility for workers and the construction industry. This was stated by President Joko Widodo during the Opening of the 2018 Indonesian Construction Exhibition at JI-Expo, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta, on Wednesday, October 31, 2018.

At least, there are five Presidential records for development programs. First, regarding security for workers and users who must be prioritized. “There should be no more cases of collapsing buildings or fatal work accidents. More serious attention must be given to projects carried out in vulnerable areas, both in areas prone to disasters, earthquakes, landslides, floods and other natural disasters,” the President said.

Regarding the environment, the Head of State reminded that development must pay attention to the principles of environmental sustainability. Environmental safety must not be ignored only for the sake of development. “Do not let the infrastructure that is built is not environmentally friendly. Do not damage the environment. The development that is done must meet the principles and procedures related to environmental safety. Be careful of this problem,” he said.

While relating to the impact of development on social and community life, President Joko Widodo warned that every development always brings about a shift in sociocultural and economic societies. For this reason, the development carried out should be directed towards improving the social and economic life of the local community. “Every development project must further strengthen the good foundations, social and economic foundations of the local community. Do not otherwise damage the social and economic foundations in the local community,” he said.


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