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The Indonesian Embassy in New Zealand will hold the Symphony of Friendship Concert

The Indonesian Embassy in Wellington, New Zealand will hold a 60-year friendship concert between Indonesia-New Zealand, titled “The Symphony of Friendship”.

The concert will take place at The Opera House, Friday, November 9, 2018. The concert will feature three singers from Indonesia and two singers from the Maori tribe. They are Edo Kondologit, Gita Gutawa, and Andmesh Kamaleng. As well as, Maisey Rika and Tama Waipara.

Everything will be accompanied by the Wellinton Orchestra, one of the famous orchestras in New Zealand. Interestingly, this 90-minute concert will lead Erwin Gutawa as an aranger and orchestra conductor.

The Indonesian Ambassador to New Zealand, Tantowi Yahya explained, this concert collaborated Maori music (native tribes in New Zealand) with music from eastern Indonesia. This special concert was prepared to show the world that Indonesia is part of the Pacific, which shares common culture and customs.

“This concert will further strengthen our brotherhood with nations in the Pacific,” said Tantowi, in an official statement quoted by, Thursday (11/08/2018).

The Indonesian Embassy in Wellington is optimistic that the concert will be packed with 1,300 spectators, half of whom are students in Wellington.

“Students who are on average 15 years old are the future owners of Indonesia-New Zealand relations. “The earlier they get to know Indonesia, the faster they will fall in love,” said Tantowi. (rls / bas)


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