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The tradition of ringing Gamelan for seven consecutive days

The traditional ceremony of the Surakarta Kasunanan Palace commemorating Maulud was officially opened on Tuesday (11/13). The opening was marked by the beating of two sacred gamelan kraton, namely the Kiai Guntur Madu gamelan and Kiai Guntur Sari until the next week.

After being paraded by thousands of courtiers in the Surakarta Kasunanan Palace from a heritage room to the Surakarta Grand Mosque, the two heirloom gamelan were left for a few hours. According to tradition, before the heirloom gamelan was beaten, it must be started first by reading prayers to the Almighty by a number of royal scholars who were followed by the courtiers and sentanas in the local palace.

According to tradition, the prayer reading ceremony was carried out after the Duhur prayer as in previous years. Of course the rituals are carried out in accordance with the Islamic religious procedures, considering that the Mataram kingdom has also embraced Islam since the days of its ancestors.

Exactly at 1:00 p.m., the Gamelan Kiai Guntur Madu located in the Pradangga Ward (south side of the mosque) was sounded by dozens of courtiers. The strains of Javanese music were finally answered by the Kiai Guntur Sari gamelan in the Pragangga Ward (north side of the mosque).

“The niyaga play the sign for the Kyai Guntur Madu gamelan. While Kiai Guntur Sari plays the Rangkung gending. “The gamelan is sounded for seven consecutive days during the day,” explained Pengageng Parentah, GPH Dipokusumo Palace Palace on Jawa Pos Radar Solo, yesterday (11/13).

During these seven days, the two legacy gamelan will continue to make the enterprising custom of the Sekatenan more sacred. The gamelan only stopped being sounded at the time of the Duhur and Asr prayers to appreciate the Muslim worship time. The most unique, when the gamelan is sounded, the community is coded to do the tradition of nginang or chew “kinang”. It is said that he said, chewing “kinang” can make it ageless and longevity.

“Kinang consists of five elements, namely betel, injet, gambier, tobacco, and cantilever. Chewed, until the teeth and mouth of the chewer turn red. The purpose of Sekaten is to commemorate the birth of the Prophet Muhammad, “explained Dipo.

Chairman of the Takmir of the Solo Grand Mosque in Muhtarom said that according to the tradition the gamelan was sounded for the next seven days. The peak is marked by Grebeg Maulud, which is marked by the release of a pair of gunungan, 20 November.

“We are ready from the Great Mosque. Including arranging traders who are characteristic of Sekaten celebrations, such as kinang, salted eggs and others. “Not to associate with God, but this is to get a blessing according to the tradition of Javanese people who are still guarded until now,” said Muhtarom. (ves / bun)

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