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Indonesian Little Karateka Wins Gold in Belgium

Little karateka from Buleleng, Bali, Komang Sastrawan (aka Lolak) re-incised proud achievements at the international level. Lolak successfully donated gold to the 45 Min Committee category at the Karate World Championship which took place in Belgium November 17-18 2018.

The Chairperson, the Buleleng Branch of Karate-Do Indonesia (Lemkari), Nyoman Gede Wandiri Adi appreciated the brilliant achievement of the students of Class II Middle School. According to him, Lolak has been proven twice to make Indonesia famous on the international level.

The first success when sitting in Class VI Elementary School won two gold medals in the world championship in Luxembourg last 2016. He competed in individual word numbers and individual kumite classes – 28 kg sons. At that time Lolak was recorded as the only altet of karate from Bali which was sent to represent Indonesia to the Open Elhatri Karate Tournament.

Meanwhile, Head of the Department of Education and Culture of Buleleng, Gede Suyasa, said he was proud of the achievements of Lolak who made the name Buleleng, Bali and Indonesia proud on the international scene.

“We are very proud to have Lolak, because of excellence at the world level. Of course this is a pride for Buleleng, Bali and Indonesia. After this there must be a pattern of intensive guidance to save the nation’s assets. So that this child is still successful in the next event, until he is an adult, “Suyasa said, as quoted by the Bali Express.

The departure of Komang Sastrawan representing Indonesia was carried out by the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) for its success in winning the National Student Sports Olympics (O2SN) held in Jogjakarta recently. (bas)

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