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The Famous Bajo Tribe in Wakatobi

Wakatobi is known as one of the best destinations in Indonesia. But, do you know that Wakatobi has an indigenous tribe named Bajo?

Bajo are tribes that live on the edge of the ocean. In fact, several houses stood on the ocean. The population of the Bajo is spread to several regions in Wakatobi and this tribe is famous for its hospitality.

One of the things that can be found is the Bajo people in Mola Samaturu Village. In this village, most of the residents’ houses tend to be more modern. But they still maintain the culture of erecting houses on the seafront. In fact, many house foundations are in the sea area.

If you are visiting here, there are two important places that are likely to be visited, namely the rainbow bridge and the meeting hall that look like traditional houses. According to Dayu, one of the Bajo people, this house has long been built.

“The big house is a meeting hall. Used for custom meetings. There is a place where people gather, but not every time people gather, so the place is not always crowded, “said Dayu.

In Mola Samaturu village, the meeting hall is the largest building. With its appearance, the hall is very Instagramable, suitable for photo taking.

In addition to the meeting hall, the Rainbow Bridge is also another interesting place. According to Dayu, this bridge initially connected between villages. “But (later) it was decorated and finally became a destination. Here many people visit for photographs, “he explained.

One of the best moments at the Rainbow Bridge is watching the sunset. You can find beautiful moments, set in the sea, and downstream of passing fishing boats. The atmosphere was added to by the presence of friendly Bajo children. In fact, they are ready to contract by jumping into the sea, including with a somersault.

Regional III Assistant Deputy for Marketing Development I Ricky Fauzi, expressed his appreciation for Bajo Tribal hospitality. “This tribe is very friendly and very open to tourists. This is very good because foreign tourists like Indonesian hospitality, “he said in an official statement quoted by, Monday (11/19/2018).

In the same statement, Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya hoped that Wakatobi would be able to maintain its original culture. Even if it can be increased again as a tourist attraction.

“The more conserved culture produces, the higher the value. Wakatobi has a good culture and friendliness. This must be maintained because it can be used as an attraction and can attract tourists’ attention, “said Minister of Tourism Arief. (rls / bas)


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