Kota Tua Padang is increasingly popular with tourists

The number of tourist arrivals in Padang Old Town, South Padang, has continued to climb.

“The more days, the visit increases, especially on Saturday, Sunday, and national holidays,” said 56-year-old Oyon, a resident-cum-trader in the Padang Old Town area, Sunday, December 2.

According to Oyon, on weekdays, tourist visits reach 50-100 people. They come to enjoy the atmosphere and see the view of Mount Padang.

“The place is suitable for calming the mind, from here we can see the view of Mount Padang,” said one traveler, Muhammad Arif.

One of the attractions is the view of docked ships. The Padang Old Town area is on the side of the Batang Harau River and is directly connected to the sea. “My child likes to see the docked ships here,” said one visitor.

According to Oyong, the visitors start arriving at 4:00 p.m., until around 11:00 p.m. “Except on Saturday and Sunday morning, many people do a marathon then they stop by,” he said.

The South Padang district Tourism Awareness Group has also made benches, parks and trash cans for visitors. “We hope that visitors can maintain the cleanliness,” he said.

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