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The Marandang Nusantara Festival was held in Jakarta

The West Sumatra government is set to hold a culinary event titled “The Marandang Nusantara Festival” (Festival Nusantara Marandang) at the Senayan parking space in Jakarta on Sunday, December 2.

This inaugural event is meant to promote the world-acclaimed rendang dish nationally and internationally. The festival will invite representatives from every Indonesian province to participate in the cooking demo and a plethora of other events.

“The participants will pay attention to the use of ingredients, coconut milk, the type of beef, how to cook, and the duration of the whole cooking process,” said West Sumatra Governor Irwan Prayitno today in Padang.

The festival, which is a homage to rendang, will attempt to break a MURI record for the most Rendang variants cooked. Visitors will also be able to enrich their pallets at the festival’s bazaar area that will serve a number of rendang meals.

The truly Minangkabau rendang festival is set to preserve and promote the Indonesian dish that has been named as CNN’s world’s best dishes for the past years. The rendang dish itself, based on temporary records, has a total of 400 variants that will possibly increase after a more thorough study.

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