Lazada Indonesia held an online shopping festival for three days

E-commerce platform Lazada Indonesia is to hold a three-day online shopping festival, the Lazada 12.12 Grand Year End Sales, from Dec. 10 to 12, one day of which would be dedicated to promoting the sales of Indonesian products, including those produced by small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

“As a Lazada commitment to boost local product sales, Dec. 11 will be dedicated to increasing the sales of local products,” according to a press statement received by The Jakarta Post on Wednesday.

According to the statement, the platform was following up on its support for SMEs through various training sessions in a number of cities to provide small entrepreneurs with skills to boost their sales, including during events like the 12.12 online shopping festival.

Lazada Indonesia marketing chief officer Monika Rudijono said the success in the 11.11 campaign had motivated Lazada to provide better services to both customers and sellers.

“The result of the sales during the 11.11 campaign had motivated us to increase the satisfaction of our customers and to improve facilities for sellers in Lazada,” said Monika in the statement.

She cited as an example a seller named Ambarwati who had joined Lazada five years ago and received an 800 percent increase in orders from the campaign. “We will support her, particularly in the fulfillment of services so that she can distribute the products faster,” Monika said.

To highlight the 12.12 shopping festival, Lazada is to broadcast TV shows presenting prominent entertainers like AgnezMo, KARD, Wizzy, Angger Dimas and Sheryl during a countdown event 10:30 p.m. on Dec. 9 to midnight. (bbn)

The Jakarta Post

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