Import Export is safe before Christmas and New Year

The Organda DPP ensures that export and import activities ahead of Christmas and New Year are safe. They succeeded in entering a freight truck for export-import commodities to obtain a dispensation or exception to vehicle restrictions.

Chairperson of Goods Transport DPP Organda Ivan Kamadjaja said that imported export goods to and from the port were included in the exception categories such as basic needs and fuel

The proposal was included in PM 115 of 2018 concerning Traffic Arrangement through restrictions on the operation of freight transport during 2018 and New Year 2019.

According to him, the policy (dispensation for export-import freight trucks) needs to be done in order to support the Government’s activities to boost export growth and increase foreign exchange earnings. So that the transportation activities of export and import goods are not interrupted during the period of vehicle restrictions ahead of the Christmas and New Year period.

“Of course the company must complete with a Letter of Charge (covering the type of goods, shipping destination, name and address of the owner of goods) and stickers bearing the logo of the Ministry of Transportation, Korlantas and Organda. Ivan in his official statement.

The Organda step received appreciation and support from the industrial sector and other associations. Thus, the Korlantas and the Ministry of Transportation will know the purpose of the activity and the trucks are allowed to continue to pass.

In this case the Organda DPP ensures that export and import international contracts are not disrupted, the impact of which is.

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