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Pelni is targeting sea highway routes in Papua next year

PT Pelni (Persero) is again targeting sea highway routes in Papua next year, after this year the government has been released to a private shipping company.

Pelni Director of Goods Transport and Sea Toll Harry Boediarto said that most of Pelni’s services are in the eastern region so that they can synergize with the sea highway program.

Especially for Papua, Pelni once operated a ship for that route. The distribution of basic commodities and essential goods from the destination port to consumers is already available.

“Pelni already has our house in Papua,” he said on Wednesday (12/26/2018).

This year, Pelni serves six sea toll routes as assigned by the government, namely T-2 (Tanjung Priok-Tanjung Batu-Belinyu-Tarempa-Natuna-Midai-Serasan-Tanjung Priok), T-4 (Tanjung Perak-Makassar-Tahuna route) , T-6 (Tanjung Perak-Tidore-Morotai-PP), T-13 (Kalabahi-Moa-Rote-Sabu), T-14 (Tanjung Perak-Lewoleba-Adonara / Tenong-Larantuka), and T-15 (Kisar -Namrole-PP).

This state-owned company has also operated the Tanjung Perak-Paumako Timika-Agats Asmat to Merauke route. However, since 2018, the route originally navigated by the Caraka Jaya Niaga III-32 KM (capacity of 115 TEU’s containers) was transferred to a private shipping company.

Pelni hopes that next year it will be able to re-serve the route.

“But, this is a policy from Hubla [Directorate General of Sea Transportation of the Ministry of Transportation]. So, we are waiting for whatever is the government’s decision,” Harry said.

The Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) stipulates 18 sea highway routes for 2019. Most are feeder routes as a solution to a more equitable decline in goods price disparity.

The stipulation was stated in the Director General of Sea Transportation Decree No UM 002/109/2 / DJPL-18 dated December 14, 2018. Based on the Decree (SK), there were 7 direct calls and 11 feeders.

Of the 18 routes, 2 of them go to West Papua and Papua, namely Tanjung Perak-Oransbari-Waren-Teba-Ambon-Tanjung Perak (T-9) and Tanjung Perak-Fak Fak-Kaimana-Timika-Agats-Boven Digoel-Tanjung Perak (T-11).

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