Bank Mandiri Aims to Increase MSME Credit Contributions

PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk is still awaiting the finalization of data on the contribution of MSME lending to the loan portfolio for 2018.

Because the company is required by Bank Indonesia to provide MSME loans at least 20% of the loan portfolio.

Bank Mandiri’s Director of Small Business and Network, Hery Gunardi said that in fulfilling the MSME loan distribution target, the company continued to improvise by developing core competencies in financing working capital and investment for MSMEs through the process of improving the lending business process.

Based on the company’s III / 2018 quarterly financial report, the contribution of MSME loans to the company’s loan portfolio is still at 11.51%.

“In 2019, Bank Mandiri hopes to be able to provide loans to MSMEs around IDR 95 trillion – IDR 98 trillion. [Contribution of MSME loan disbursements next year] will be sought above 20% [from the loan portfolio],” he told Bisnis on Thursday (3/1 / 2018).

At the end of 2017, the company was recorded as not yet complying with the rules for MSME credit contributions which at that time were pegged at 15%. Meanwhile, in the fourth quarter of 2017, the company was only able to channel MSME loans by 12.47% from the credit portfolio.

Based on Bisnis’s record, the company said it would continue its business focus on lending to the micro segment and the consumer segment which contributed significantly to the company’s credit growth up to the quarter / III2018 which increased 13.8% on an annual basis.

In terms of subsidized MSME lending or People’s Business Credit (KUR), the company was given a target by the government to channel KUR worth IDR17.5 trillion or 14.18% of the total KUR 2018 quota.

As of October 2018, the company can only realize 87% of the target or IDR 15.2 trillion to 225,928 debtors.

Previously, Bank Mandiri MicroDevelopment and Agent Banking SVP Zedo Faly said the company had requested an additional in the III / 2018 quarter of Rp3 trillion which made the company’s KUR quota Rp.17.5 trillion.

Meanwhile, he continued, this year the company will try to submit a quota worth IDR 21 trillion or more than 20% of the KUR 2018 quota.

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