New Christmas Holiday, Bromo Tourists Reach 14,450 People

Mount Bromo is a favorite destination for Desembar especially Christmas holidays until the New Year 2019. Recorded, 14,450 Tourists came there.

Head of the Tourism Destination Section of the Department of Youth, Sports, Tourism and Culture (Disporaparbud) of Probolinggo District, Musa, said that the level of tourist visits to Mount Bromo tourism objects has increased 2 times in the last 2 years.

Because the number of tourist visits in December 2017 was around 6,045 visitors, while in December 2018 there were around 14,450 visitors.

Musa explained, the increase in tourist visits was due to the presence of new tourist spots in the Mount Bromo area, where the natural panorama was no less beautiful than one of the prettiest mountains in East Java.

“The increase occurred because there were several new tourist spots, which were also crowded with tourists. Like the selfie hill in Sariwani Village and the last was Seruni Point Peak in Ngadisari Village,” Musa said on Thursday (03/03/2019).

The increase in the number of visits has provided its own income, for regional revenue (PAD) in Probolinggo Regency. Where in 2018 PAD from Mount Bromo tourism object, translates into 2 billion.

While the dominant visitors to Mount Bromo tourism objects, originating from domestic tourists amounted to 133,165 people, while foreign tourists amounted to 24,557 people. (sym / fay)

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