Stabilize Rice Prices, Aceh Bulog Targets Supply of 200 Tons per Day

Bulog Regional Division (Divre) Aceh launched the Government Rice Reserve Market Operation (OP-CBP) in the office yard on Thursday (01/03/2019) in Banda Aceh.

Bulog Divre Aceh targets to supply 200 tons of rice per day so that the availability of rice in the markets is sufficient and prices are stable.

Basirun, Head of the Aceh Division of Regional Division of Logistics, said CBP OP was carried out to maintain supply availability and rice price stability in markets in the Aceh Province.

Medium rice stocks owned by Bulog Divre Aceh will be supplied to various markets, especially in January and February or during famine.

“The matter of stock (rice) is not a problem, we have a current stock of 25,625 tons. In March, April, May the harvest is over, so people do not need to worry about shortage of rice supply,” Basirun told reporters.

He asked the public not to worry about a shortage of rice stocks in the market and soaring rice prices. Currently the price of medium rice on the market in Aceh is still below the HET (Highest Retail Price).

Regarding market operations, in addition to being carried out at an existing point, the Aceh Logistics Agency will add market operating points if it is projected to require additional rice supply.

Basirun said that the implementation of the 2018 CBP OP was carried out at 115 market operating points, including markets, Rumah Pangan Kita, distributors, and other partners with the realization reaching 12,869 tons.

Meanwhile, Head of the Bank Indonesia Aceh Provincial Representative Office Zainal Arifin Lubis who was also present at the launch of the CBP OP considered that good market operations were to control rice prices and reduce inflation. In Aceh Province, said Arifin, rice is a major contributor to inflation.

“Market operations are good for controlling inflation even though it is temporary. But permanently we can fix agricultural productivity, rice must increase, the refinery is in Aceh, so the distribution is also good. And this requires cooperation from all parties,” Arifin said.

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