Ministry of Industry Prepares Rubber Processing Equipment for Asphalt Mixes

The Ministry of Industry is preparing processing equipment to utilize rubber as asphalt raw material.

Achmad Sigit Dwiwahjono, Acting Director General of the Chemical, Textile and Multifarious Industries of the Ministry of Industry, said the rubber coordination meeting at the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs had not reached the final round because it was still in the second phase of the meeting. He implies there will still be additional meetings on other occasions.

“[But we from the Ministry of Industry] are ready to prepare the equipment [in utilizing rubber as asphalt raw material]. The tool for processing rubber is ready to be used and mixed with bitumen. So the rubber can be used for asphalt,” he said after the meeting on Monday (7 / 1).

Sigit said processing equipment would be prepared from Indonesia because it was not something difficult. According to him there will be three alternatives that can be used as asphalt feedstock, namely latex, masterbatch and skat.

According to him, it is not impossible if later on the construction of tons of roads using rubber with the three alternatives. “We have already carried out the title of pilot project in several regions and proven to be of acceptable quality,” he said.

Sigit said that the realization might be in the shortest possible time, but he could not specify the exact deadline. Or, at the latest the first semester there has been realization. “We will immediately implement it because the President has promised to raise the price of rubber,” he said.

In the first stage, asphalt rubber production will be concentrated in production centers such as South Sumatra, Jambi, North Sumatra, Central Kalimantan and West Kalimantan.

According to him, based on calculations from the Ministry of Industry, the use of rubber can substitute 7% -8% in the construction of asphalt. He hopes that the use of rubber as asphalt certainly increases the price of rubber in the market.

“[The increase in rubber prices] is being calculated with the mechanism team. [The purchase price] is also being calculated. If the price is the same, then the program is useless,” he said.

Sigit said that the total production reached 3 million tons / year. Domestic industries can only absorb around 600,000 tons. The use of rubber has been used for manufacturing, industrial equipment and rubber hoses.

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