Exciting Agenda in Natuna Throughout 2019

As an area in the cross border, tourists from Singapore and Malaysia are the main target of Natuna, Riau Islands. For this reason, the Natuna Regency Government (Pemkab) has prepared a number of exciting agendas to attract tourists.

Closest on May 5, 2019, there is the Semarak Lebaran Festival with two sub events, the Sahur Music Festival and the Plug / Litou Lamp Festival. Both become traditions that represent the nuances of religious Natuna.

The following month, throughout July there were two major agendas, the Senua Island Festival and Sail To Natuna Festival. The Senua Island Festival was held on June 16, 2019 with nine sub-events, namely the Kolek competition, photography, swimming, culinary, and storytelling competition. There are also coral inflations, clean actions, kite festivals and beach volleyball competitions.

Meanwhile, Sail To Natuna is a program to explore the potential of Natuna maritime collaboration with local wisdom. A number of sub-events include: yacht reception, attractions and arts parades, and city tours.

Strong with Malay roots, Natuna also has traditional Mendu art, a kind of play with stories about kings from Antapura, Langkadura, and Antasina. Natuna also has pestle art that has unique tones, especially combined with beautiful poetry.

Then there is the Fun Fouristic Festival which will be held on July 27 to August 1, 2019. The festival presents six sub-events, namely: Festival of Malay songs, bands, birds, gasing, nyuluh and Kite Festival.

Natuna also showed other colors through the exhibition which was held on October 6-12 2019. Call it the Natuna Development Exhibition, Tourism Workshop Seminar, and the Dangdut Song Festival.

The agenda is also strengthened by the colors of sport tourism through the 15KM Natuna Marathon, Mount Bike / Fun Bike, and closed with the Natuna Geopark Photo Competition on November 30, 2019.

“The event parade began in mid-2019, but Natuna didn’t lose its exotic. “There are still many attractions that can be enjoyed from the beginning of 2019,” said the Head of Area II Marketing of the Kiagoos Regional I Ministry of Marketing I Regional Development Director Irvan Faisal in an official statement on Monday (1/7/2019).

According to him, Natuna has many of the best destinations, including its geopark which will be pushed to the world level. Besides geopark, Natuna also offers many attractions.

Call it, the destination of Batu Kasah Beach, Batu Sindu, Sisi Beach, Alif Stone Park, and Senua Island. There are also snack destinations in Setengar Village, Tanjung Beach, Teluk Buton Beach, Sahi Beach, Gunung Ranai Waterfall, to the Great Natuna Mosque whose architecture is inspired by the Indian Taj Mahal.

Natuna also offers easy accessibility and amenities. The Natuna region can be reached from the air and sea lines. For air routes, tourists can use the plane from Batam to Renai Airport in Natuna. Airlines that serve this route are Lion Air and Wings Air. The sea axis is a ferry from Tanjung Pinang and Pontianak.

Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya praised Natuna’s seriousness in advancing the tourism sector. “Natuna is amazing. Attractions and accessibility are good. Amenitas is also a lot of choices, obviously the price is friendly. Don’t forget, Natuna is also famous for its cuisine. There are lots of high-taste culinary there, “he said. (bas)


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