Hunting for waves as high as 10 meters in Krui World Surfing 2019

The international surfing event, Krui World Surfing (KWS) is ready to be held at Tanjung Setia Beach, Pesisir Barat Regency, Lampung Province on April 15-20, 2019. The waves here are already known by many international surfers. Even on ordinary days, this place was visited by many conquerors.

Minister of Tourism (Menpar), Arief Yahya said, this year KWS is sure to be able to attract foreign tourists, especially those who like surfing. “I am sure, the Krui World Surfing event will become a magnet for world surfers,” he said in an official statement on Sunday (1/6/2019).

Tanjung Setia itself is in the path of the great Indian Ocean. That’s why the waves on this beach are always stable. Surfers can find unbroken high waves in mid-year (around April to August). If lucky, surfers will find 7-10 meters high waves up to 200 meters long.

Reportedly, this beach is one of the best wave producers in the world.

Technically, KWS is held by the Pesisir Barat District Government through the Department of Youth and Sports (Dispora).

Head of the Dispora of the Pesisir Barat District, Ruslan Samad, said that KWS could be a priority event that would spur tourism development in the local area. The positive impact of this event is being able to simultaneously promote the wealth of other tourist destinations, customs, culture, and religious values ​​of the Pesisir Barat community.

“Administratively, the Pesisir Barat is the youngest district in Lampung Province. While geographically, the area is quite far from the provincial capital. However, with extraordinary natural potential, the Pesisir Barat can be an area that counts the world. Especially in the tourism sector, “said Ruslan.

Besides surfing, tourists can enjoy the beauty of Tanjung Setia Beach by doing snorkeling or diving activities. Photography lovers can also capture the beauty of the sunrise or sunset while enjoying local cuisine. (bas)


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