Indonesian Competitiveness Challenge: Imports Grow Faster than Exports

Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Darmin Nasution explained the challenges facing Indonesia in order to improve competitiveness. Darmin said, the challenge was divided into two, namely the short and medium term.

Darmin said, the short-term challenge was to increase imports faster than exports.

“It is indeed a short-term problem. We know all our imports are increasing rapidly. Exports are increasing too, but slower,” Darmin said in a discussion on the 2019 Indonesian Economic Outlook, in Jakarta, Tuesday (01/08/2019).

Then, for the medium term is the fulfillment of infrastructure, increased investment, and improving the quality of human resources (HR).

“For the issue of intermediate outreach the government has built infrastructure and prepared the development of human quality, tax facilities, licensing procedures which are then poured into what is called OSS,” he said.

The discussion held by the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs was attended by a number of stakeholders, from government, businessmen, and academics. Darmin hopes that these stakeholders can provide input in order to increase competitiveness.

“Maybe we expect from the discussion to appear, in the short term, there are things that are done for identification. So that the solution can answer the existing weaknesses, namely the current account deficit,” he concluded. (zlf / zlf)

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