Vice President JK Reveals Key of Chinese Products Dominate World Stores

Vice President Jusuf Kalla (JK) revealed the success of Chinese products in various stores in the world. The flood of products made in China is due to good quality at lower prices.

He revealed this when opening and opening the 2019 Economic Outlook event at the Ritz Carlton Pacific Place, Jakarta, Tuesday (01/08/2019).

“Talking about competition, they focus on three things, namely good quality, cheap, and fast,” JK said.

JK revealed that the number of products from China in stores was due to their success in meeting the standards of trade competition.

“We know that the country that almost fulfills all the requirements is China, if we enter the shop we hold it from China, buy shoes made in China, nothing we hold, because they succeed in making better, cheaper, and faster,” he said .

With this example, JK said, Indonesia could also follow in the footsteps of China’s success in marketing its products. One of them is the joint evaluation and coordination between the central government, the regions, and business owners.

“If we want to go forward, we must evaluate what has been and will be done. At the moment we need a shared view, government participation in making regulations, entrepreneurs in carrying out trade, banks that finance these activities,” he explained. (hek / ara)

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