Cost Shipping Goods from Cikarang-Tanjung Priok More Expensive than Transporting to Shanghai or Singapore

The construction of Patimban Port in Subang, West Java is expected to make logistics costs cheaper. Because now the industry must send goods to Tanjung Priok Port in Jakarta first to be transported by ship.

West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil said, based on reports from the Indonesian Logistics Association, the cost of shipping goods from the industrial area in Cikarang to Tanjung Priok is more expensive than freight costs from Tanjung Priok to Shanghai in China.

“From my note, the cost of shipping goods from Cikarang to Tanjung Priok is more expensive than transporting goods from Tanjung Priok to Shanghai or to Singapore, according to the Indonesian Logistics Association,” he said during a working visit to the Patimban Port project area, Subang, West Java, Wednesday (1/9/2019).

The high cost of course makes the expenditure of industry players inefficient.

“This signifies that it is very inefficient, right. Well, therefore, Patimban is the solution. Thanks also to the president who has taken the initiative to build the most sophisticated port in Indonesia, equivalent to the capacity to Tanjung Priok,” he explained.

However, he does not remember the value of the difference between the freight.

Besides that, with West Java’s economic growth above the national economic average, according to him it would make many industries centered in the north of West Java. It certainly needs to be supported by a port.

“The West Java Provincial Government is very happy that West Java’s economic growth is now above the national average, it will be more advanced, better, so that the northern region of West Java will have many industrial center centers,” he added. (dna / dna)

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