Seven Indonesian Companies Join the Horecava Exhibition in the Netherlands

Synergy between the government and the private sector to continue promoting Indonesian food and beverage products in the Netherlands is seen at the Horecava exhibition which takes place on 7-10 January 2019.

The Horecava 2019 exhibition is an exhibition platform for food and beverage products in the Netherlands.

Seven Indonesian companies display a variety of products in the Indonesian pavilion, ranging from coconut, tea, yams, chocolate, coffee, noodles, herbs, and others.

“The Indonesian Food and Beverage Products market in the Netherlands still dominates because Indonesia has a long history with the Netherlands. So that it is undeniable that Indonesian food greatly influences food trends in the Netherlands, “said Ambassador Puja when opening the Indonesian Pavilion at RAI Amsterdam, January 7, 2019.

He added, the large number of Indonesian restaurants in the Netherlands as well as the Indonesian diaspora and students in the Netherlands is a large captive market for the marketing of Indonesian products in the Netherlands.

For information that Indonesia’s exports to the Netherlands for miscellaneous food reached USD 10.3 million in the period January-October 2018 or an increase of 21.7% compared to the same period the previous year. This export trend shows a positive figure of 41.7% over a period of 5 consecutive years.

Therefore, Ambassador Puja said, now is the right time for Indonesia to participate and take advantage of the Horecava exhibition as a promotional event while competing to win the food and beverage product market in the Netherlands whose trend continues to grow from year to year.

At Horecava 2019, the Indonesian Embassy in The Hague also partnered with an Indonesian company engaged in the chocolate industry in order to take advantage of the position of the Netherlands as the World’s Main Importer for cocoa beans and the world number two for cocoa grinder.

Ambassador Puja added, the value of Dutch imports for cocoa beans from the world showed an average growth that continued to increase by 6%.

“I am optimistic that Indonesia’s participation in the Horecava 2019 exhibition which lasts for 4 days can produce significant trade transactions,” Ambassador Puja said.

According to him, Indonesia’s participation in this exhibition will increase European market demand for Indonesian food and beverage products. So that it will increase the value of Indonesian exports to the Netherlands while increasing the trade surplus value between Indonesia and the Netherlands. (bas)


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