HERO Close 26 Store in Java and Sumatra

HERO Supermarket has closed 26 store in Java and Sumatra. The decision was made because the company was conducting efficiency.

The HERO management said that currently the food business is facing severe challenges, so the company cannot bear the burden if it is operational inefficient.

To achieve the sales target this year and in the future, the company has a number of strategies. GM Hero Supermarket’s Corporate Affairs, Tony Mampuk explained that HERO ensures that the existing shops are trusted by customers.

“We also offer quality products, provide good service and provide added value for customers,” Tony said in his statement on Sunday (01/13/2019).

He said, with this step, it was ensured that the company could be more stable and employees would have a positive impact.

Based on the financial statement issued by the company in the third quarter of 2018, HERO’s profit was recorded at Rp. 86.18 billion, an increase compared to the same period before Rp. 70.4 billion.

Over time, HERO Group grew and developed in building its business network and innovating in order to meet the needs and patterns of consumption of the community.

As of September 30, 2018, the Company operates 448 stores, consisting of 59 Giant Ektra, 96 Giant Expres, 31 Hero Supermarket, 3 Giant Mart, 258 Guardian Health & Beauty, and one IKEA store. (kil / fdl)

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