Trans Java Toll Road Seizes Aircraft Passenger?

The aviation business in Indonesia has an unexpected rival named Trans Java Toll Road. Passenger aircraft so switch to land vehicles.

Alvin Lie, Member of the Ombudsman of the Republic of Indonesia, stated that one of the things that made people switch from the aircraft was the Trans Java Toll Road. According to him, this diverts plane passengers who prefer land routes.

“The construction of the Trans Java toll road is also influential. Automatically changing the aviation industry map. Crossing cities in Java, Jakarta then Jogja, Solo, Surabaya gets tremendous competition,” he said when met by at Penang Bistro, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (15 / 1/2019)

According to him, people prefer land routes because it is now much faster than before.

“Because Jakarta lives in Cikampek, Cikampek-Surabaya, it is practically under 6 hours. Cirebon-Semarang is 2 hours, Semarang-Kartosuro is 45 minutes. Semarang-Surabaya flights with ticket prices of Rp 1 million, are now quiet, because they can ride cars with time take 3 hours and a half, “he explained.

Alvin also added that this forced the airlines to find ways to keep people on board.

“This forces airlines to turn their brains, because now only flights are out of Java, then the southern part of Trans Java will become increasingly heavy. Challenges for airports like Kertajati are also challenges for airlines,” he added. (rdy / fay)

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