The N219 aircraft made in Bandung is produced in the end of 2019

The N219 aircraft developed by PT Dirgantara Indonesia (Persero) with LAPAN is still carrying out a series of flight tests. The aircraft, named Nurtanio by President Joko Widodo (Jokowi), had to carry out a flight test before getting a certificate (certification flight test).

Certification is a verification process to ensure the aircraft is safe for community use. To get the certification not only by flying the plane 300 hours, but also doing a development flight test to find out whether the performance of the aircraft according to the design.

Then the certification flight test was the final verification of the authority in this case the Ministry of Transportation on aircraft security.

The aircraft is also planned to be mass produced later this year after obtaining a certificate. Production is carried out in stages by PTDI.

PTDI Production Director Arie Wibowo said that the flight test process was completed in quarter III-2019 and continued production.

“Yes (end of this year),” Arie said to detikFinance, Wednesday (1/16/2019).

Production of N219 aircraft, continued Arie, was carried out in 2 to 4 units at the initial stage. The production process takes up to 16 months.

“About 12-16 months,” Arie said.

Arie added that the next production is targeted to reach 12 N219 aircraft in one year. Then, production is targeted to be 100 units.

“We will try to be able to produce up to 100 units according to our current marketing predictions for the domestic segment,” Arie said.

The N219 aircraft is still carrying out a flight test series. Currently the flight tests carried out are still under 100 flight hours.

“Now we are continuing the development flight testing in preparation for the certification flight test,” said Arie.

Test flight N219 aircraft is currently under 100 hours. The flight test made in Bandung must reach 300 hours to get a certificate.

“We are still under 100 flight hours,” Arie said.

He added that currently PTDI already has two N219 aircraft prototypes. With the two planes, the flight test process can be done faster to reach the 300 hour target.

“We already have 2 flying prototypes making it possible to achieve flight hours faster,” Arie said.

In addition to conducting flight tests, PTDI also conducts static tests (static tests) and other circuits on the N219 aircraft.

“Besides flight testing, we also do static tests, strength tests and health tests, endurance tests,” Arie said.

Arie estimates that the N219 aircraft can get a certificate in the third quarter of 2019. Furthermore, the N219 aircraft can be produced.

“In the third quarter of this year we schedule it,” Arie said.

Furthermore, Arie explained that the company produced N219 in a limited and gradual manner.

“Yeah like that normatively, but we will try to start with a limited number of start serialization processes,” Arie said. (ara/ang)

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