Unique Tourism in Ciamis, Only Open Once a Month

A boarding school in Cisiri Hamlet, Ciomas Village, Panjalu Subdistrict, Ciamis, West Java made a breakthrough in combining religious tourism and natural tourism which is open once a month. One of them is by building Sirnarasa’s digital destination.

The tourist village at the foot of the mountain provides a place for instagramable and contemporary selfie. There are also various culinary tours and several saung that can be used to relax.

However, this tour is only opened once a month, during the Manaqib Kubro recitation by the boarding school. Manaqib itself is often attended by residents from various regions such as Jakarta, Bandung and others.

After following the recitation, a traveler can relax on the newly constructed nature tour.

“The concept was initially simple, seeing the existing potential we want to combine between religious tourism and natural tourism. The opportunity can be created conditions in the area at the foot of the mountain is very suitable for tourism,” said Chairman of the Sirnarasa Foundation, Dadang, when met detikTravel, Thursday (17 / 1/2019).

Dadang explained that there was 1 hectare of land to be built for the natural tourism. But currently only 20 percent. Even so, visitors were enthusiastic about coming and taking pictures.

“There are 38 saung here to relax, there are also typical and contemporary culinary tours, places for selfies and Instagramable photos. This has not been completely finished, later there will be tours that have educational value,” Dadang explained.

Visitors who want to buy food are required to use special coins, which can be exchanged first at the cashier. This is done because one of the concepts is a digital destination. There are three colors of special coins made of wood, red colors worth Rp 10,000, yellow Rp 5,000 and green Rp 2,500.

“This is a digital concept, so in the future we will collaborate with banks, later the payment for snacks here uses digital money,” he said.

In addition, there is a special stage for worshipers and brothers who want to display their skills or talents, such as art, traditional music or various other arts. (krn/fay)

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