Revealing the Hidden Paradise at the Foot of Menoreh Hill

Every beauty almost always requires sacrifice. Such is the journey that must be traveled to reveal the hidden paradise at the foot of Bukit Manoreh.

This time detikTravel seeks to penetrate the forest hill to find heaven on the clouds, Gundopurowangi. Previously widely heard, the place in Kenalan Village, Magelang, has not been detected by many travelers.

However, from the recognition of residents and managers of the Village Economic Center (Balkondes), BUMN Minister Rini Soemarno along with the BUMN Directors have conquered this steep hill and found Gundopurowangi which is said to be the best place to wait for the morning sun.

Sure enough, it’s not easy to get to Gundopurowangi. The journey is increasingly difficult when the hill is wet from the rain, making the land muddy and slippery.

Moreover, cars and motorcycles cannot enter. The traveler must trekking around 45 minutes by road that can only be passed by one person. A traveler must also be careful because on the right side is a chasm.

Tracks are increasingly difficult because the road is full of rocks and steep red land. This makes the conquerors have to propagate, and if not careful can slip.

But challenging tracks like this even add curiosity to see the charm of Gundopurowangi, even though the feet are full of mud. This was also felt by the model and presenter, Patrishiela.

Thanks to her enthusiasm, the presenter of the Beautiful Adventurers managed to conquer hilly tracks and reveal the charm of Gondopurowangi.

“The view is really nice,” said the woman called Pat.

As said Patrishiela, a traveler who is able to conquer heavy tracks will be presented a green expanse of the Manoreh hill. Not only that, the dashing of Merbabu Mountain and Merapi covered in mist can also be seen from there.

On the hill there is a selfie spot and a pavilion to rest and enjoy all the beauty of Menoreh. Unfortunately, at that moment detikTravel did not manage to get the sunrise because it was too late to climb. Nevertheless the remnants of the sun’s exposure still leave a bit of beautiful light

Finish climbing the traveler can also stop at other tourist spots namely Pitulasan waterfall not far from Manoreh hill. The swift waterfall certainly makes the body fresh again.

If you are tired of exploring, a traveler can rest in the Kenalan Village Balkondes which provides ten 4 star class rooms. The Balkondes managed by Bank Mandiri also make the traveler increasingly close to village life. In addition to serving typical Yogya and Javanese cuisine, you can also watch the dazzling dances and gamelan.

As information, all the benefits of the Balkondes will be used again for village management.

So still at home? Come on exploration of the Acquaintance Village for extraordinary tourist exploration! (PRF / Fay)

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