Java Needs a New Train Line

Europeans, Indians, Japanese and Chinese, tend to choose mass transportation such as trains.

Transportation observer Djoko Setijowarno said the government, led by President Joko Widodo (Jokowi), should have been enough to build a toll road. In the future, people need more mass transportation such as trains than toll roads.

“Between cities is by train mode. In cities with bus transportation,” Djoko said to detikFinance, Jakarta, Monday (1/21/2019).

Djoko assessed that mass transportation is important to be developed, especially on Java which is very densely populated.

“In Java, the existence of public transportation is important. The reason is that the population is quite large and is already crowded,” Djoko said.

More than that, according to Djoko the construction of trains is cheaper than toll roads. Both from the aspect of construction, social, economic, and environment.

“The entire rail network built by the Dutch East Indies Government can be doubled because the land width is an average of 22 meters. This means that no more land acquisition needs to be done. Compare with the toll road that must free up a land of at least 60 meters wide,” he said. (fdl/eds)

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