Gili Labak the Exotic Pride of Madura

Madura is not just a culinary tour. You can enjoy the exotic underwater beauty on Gili Labak.

I made a trip to Gili Labak with my friends. The trip starts from Gubeng Station, Surabaya around midnight. Towards dawn, we arrived in Sumenep.

Around 6:00 a.m., we proceeded to Pantai Sembilan on the Gili Genting island. The beach is quiet, photos can be satisfied because there are many photogenic spots.

After breakfast, we continued to cross again to Gili Labak. Approaching the Gili Labak island, our boat was welcomed by beautiful coral reefs. In this place we will snorkel later, take a closer look at the coral reefs.

There is no port on Gili Labak Island. Nevertheless there are many places that can be explored on this island. Gili Labak is a small island that can be surrounded by walking.

Sure enough, I walked along the coastline around the island for only about 30 minutes. The beach and the calm sea, make the mind calm and relax too.

Behind the island there are many pine trees that make the beach atmosphere cool. Plus a beach that is deserted by tourists, feels like it’s really a vacation.

By midday, we switched to snorkeling. Snorkeling must use a life jacket. It’s not a matter you can or can’t swim. However, it is important to stay afloat on the surface to preserve coral reefs.

The tour guide said that some time before we visited, there were groups of tourists who were damaging by stepping on and touching coral reefs.

For this reason, the area is becoming a control area. We are warned to stay afloat. Not only having fun at tourist attractions, it’s time for tourists to also have the awareness to preserve the tourism objects.

Visiting all day feels very satisfied to enjoy every corner on this island. Gili Labak Island is indeed impressive. (nias uciyanti / bass)

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