Property Investment Still Attractive

The sluggish property market ahead of the political year apparently did not undermine investor interest in investing in the property sector.

Jababeka Residence’s Corporate Marketing General Manager Handoyo Lim said that property investment is still attractive. According to him, the decline in interest in investment was due to the condition of the shaken world economy.

“Property investment is still very attractive, because property prices have never dropped, see from 2017-2019 the price continues to rise. There are those who rise high in some regions, South Jakarta for example, “he said at the Jababeka Outlook 2019 press conference in Cikarang, Tuesday (1/22/2019).

According to Handoyo, on a yield basis, investment in the property sector is more attractive than other assets whose prices are uncertain, such as gold assets or money that are strongly influenced by global factors.

“Yields on property are better, especially for rental can be more than 12% per year. That also does not include capital gains that can increase by 10% every year, “he added.

Jababeka Residence President Director Suteja Sidarta Darmono added that in the future there needs to be a special strategy so that property in Indonesia is more attractive, in addition to local investors, as well as foreign investors.

“Developers must do branding, position themselves, consistently launch products, and conduct joint ventures according to their class,” Suteja said.

Developers also need to make improvements and are willing to beautify their projects so that they are suitable to be inhabited by the community and more attractive to be used as investment assets by both local and expatriate investors.

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