Hundreds of Indonesian Weaving Industry Players Roll Mats

The Traditional Indonesian Textile Community (KTTI) considers the traditional weaving industry to be currently in poor condition. Many traditional weaving industry players are finally out of business and changing professions.

“Yes, the traditional weaving industry is actually sluggish,” said Chairman of KTTI Tengku Ryo Rizqan to at the Textile Museum, Jakarta, Thursday (1/24/2019).

He assessed that this was due to the not so good purchasing power of the people, while the prices of traditional woven fabrics were not cheap.

“First, the economy becomes a purchasing power, because traditional weaving weaving is not cheap. So because the fabrication is also one fabric can be 1-2 months. So of course then this becomes an obstacle,” he explained.

He said, the price of the cheapest traditional woven fabric is Rp. 1 million to Rp. 2 million.

In addition, limited access to prospective buyers is also an obstacle. That is due to the lack of understanding of the technology to market their products online.

“Most traditional weavers do not understand technology, how to sell their products and others,” he explained.

In the end many were out of business. According to his experience, there are traditional weavers who are forced to stop operating.

“At first he spun yarn, his own thread and all kinds of things until finally he couldn’t spin the yarn anymore because the material didn’t exist. So the availability of raw materials was also lacking,” There are about 100 more out of business, “he said.

He also said that there were traditional weavers who had transferred their professions to become traders.

“Yes, there are those who are traders,” he added. (zlf / zlf)

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