Minister Susi Asks Japan to Exempt Fish Import Duty from Indonesia

Fishery products from Indonesia that enter Japan are still subject to import duties. Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) Susi Pudjiastuti said the policy was burdensome to the Indonesian government when exporting to Japan.

Susi asked the Japanese government to free import fisheries tariffs up to zero percent. Currently the import tariff is still at seven percent.

“Please approve the release of our fisheries import tariffs, this is not for Indonesian businessmen only, but also Japanese companies. The hope of seven percent can be zero percent,” she explained in front of a number of Japanese fishermen who attended the KKP headquarters, Jakarta, Tuesday ( 1/29/2019).

Japanese companies attending the forum included FTI Japan Co., Ltd, PT Daisei Retail Indonesia, Nichirei Logistics Group Inc., Hanwa Co., Ltd., Harada Corporation, Dah Chong Hong (Japan) Ltd, PT Seino Indomobil Logistics, PT Sumitomo Indonesia, Taiho Shoji Co., Ltd, Zensho Holdings Co., Ltd, PT Sinfonia Technology Indonesia, Okamoto Seihyo, Musashi Industry.

Susi also said, Indonesia wanted the tariff exemption to be carried out without conditions. This was done to improve relations between Indonesia and Japan in the fisheries sector.

“We ask for zero tariff without conditions, we don’t want to barter the tariff with the policy, I don’t want to trade in tariff exemptions with the sustainability policy that we are doing, essentially we want to develop more Indonesian and Japanese business potential,” she explained.

She added, in the fisheries sector, Indonesia is more superior to other countries. Indonesian waters are vast, so the fish catches of the fishermen are much greater.

“I’m sure we have more tuna than others,” she concluded. (dna / dna)

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