Investment Outside Java Grows Throughout 2018

The growth of investment realization outside of Java Island has risen higher than Java Island itself throughout 2018.

According to a report from the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM), the realization of investment throughout 2018 outside Java was recorded at Rp. 315.9 trillion. This figure increased by 4.3% from the investment realization in 2017 which amounted to Rp 302.9 trillion.

“The 4.3% increase in investment outside Java compared to 2017 is one of the achievements that we believe can be increased in the next year,” said BKPM head Thomas Lembong during a press conference at his office on Wednesday (30/1 / 2019).

Note that the increase in investment realization outside Java is higher than Java. Investment growth in Java Island throughout 2018 only increased by 4.0% from the realization of investment the previous year.

Although the percentage increase is lower than outside Java, the amount of investment in Java reaches Rp 405.4 trillion. Still bigger than outside Java.

Meanwhile, the largest investment realization based on the project location is still led by West Java province with a realization value of Rp 116.9 trillion or 16.2% of the total realization in Indonesia which was recorded at Rp 721.3 trillion throughout 2018.

Then, followed by DKI Jakarta which recorded 15.8% of the total investment realization of Rp. 114.2 trillion. Underneath, there is Central Java which registered realization of Rp. 59.3 trillion or 8.2% of the total investment realization.

As well as, Banten with realization of 56.5 trillion and East Java at Rp. 51.2 trillion. The number of both is around 15.3% of the total investment realization in Indonesia. (fdl/fdl)

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