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Sri Mulyani Said Many Investors Don’t Know Tax Pay Holiday

Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati revealed that the Indonesian government had implemented a tax holiday facility that could be enjoyed by investors. Sri Mulyani had to explain again what the tax holiday was because many businesses did not get clear information about the facility.

“I have to read that I heard we did not explain the tax holiday very well. I spoke with the business sector they did not know what the tax holiday was,” Sri Mulyani said at the Mandiri Investment Forum (MIF) at Fairmont Hotel, Jakarta, Wednesday (30 / 1/2019).

Based on PMK 35/2018 which has been in effect since March 29, 2018, there are several investors or taxpayers (WP) who get tax holiday approval. Meanwhile, there are 18 industrial sectors that can get this fiscal facility.

“The tax holiday from March to December 2018 has received 12 tax payers with an investment value of Rp 210.8 trillion,” he said.

Therefore, Sri Mulyani hopes that MIF 2019 participants consisting of around 600 investors and 200 corporate customers of Bank Mandiri can take advantage of the tax holiday facility.

“Now that we have achieved investments from various countries, our goal is to provide equal opportunities with those outside Java,” Sri Mulyani said.

Previously, the Head of the Subdivision of Cutting Regulations and Collection of Income Tax and Personal Income Tax, the Directorate of Taxation Regulation II, Sulistyo Wibowo, said that as many as 12 taxpayers (WP) had received tax holiday facilities.

He said, the 12 WPs would invest Rp 210.8 trillion. The countries of origin of investors include China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, the Netherlands and Indonesia.

“The planned investment target based on the application of Rp 210.8 trillion is quite large,” he said. (hek / ara)

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